• Song:

    Rusholme Ruffians

  • Artist:

    The Smiths

  • Album:

    Live in Madrid: Paseo d...

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D/Ab5  pretty much the entire piece


A5         Ab5        G5        D5
The last night of the fair
B5          D5           B5
by the big wheel  generator
D5                         B5                       A5         
a boy is stabbed and his money is grabbed and the air hangs heavy like a 
Ab5       G5         D5    B5
dulling wine        
       D5              B5            D5                   B5
She is famous she is funny  and engagement ring doesn't mean a thing
     A5                Ab5        G5
to a mind consumed by brass and money

And though I walk home alone
and I walk home alone
but my faith in love is still devout...
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