• Song:

    Unravel Unwind

  • Artist:

    The Spring Standards

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E                              E7  2x2100
You look just like me way back then
We took no prisoners
        C#/E        B/E
We had no need of them
E		      B	             A
You shook your angry fist alongside mine
	  F#m           A
I didn't know it at the time
	   B	      E
The world unravels in rewind

In spite of all that we have said
     E7              2x2100
And everything we've done
The space between our words
   C#/E          B/E
Is all that we've become
  E                      B                A
I believed you when you told me you were fine
               F#m             A
I should have known it at the time
A          B          E
The world unravels in rewind

Say it
C#m              B              E
Say the words I see behind your eyes
             C#m         B
If it's not hard to say
             A  F#m
Then it's a lie
            C#m              B
I know you think we can not heal
But we can try

E                                 E7           2x2100
I've been known to hide from the people that I love
     E                             C#/E   B/E
I'm afraid, I guess, that I'm easy to tire of
       E                  B               A
But I swear I'll risk it all to make you mine
         F#m              A
If I can get you back in time
We won't unravel
We'll unwind
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