• Song:

    Prophets And Kings

  • Artist:

    The Stars Misplaced

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This song is featured in EA's skate.
At the break I'm pretty sure the G is barred, but it sounds fine open as well.  Enjoy!

Am                           F
 I'll never forget the first time you kissed me
Am                            F
 Your lips so soft, your eyes so pretty
Am                             F
 We fit so good together, your body melted into mine
Am                                    F
 Slow down a little bit darling we're running out of time

 "I'm coming over"
No baby, not tonight
C                                   Fmaj7
 "Hang on a little bit longer, everything's gonna be alright"
C                           Fmaj7
 Smoke another cigarette to kill a little time
C                                 Fmaj7
 Have another beer now baby, everything's gonna be just fine

F G F Am

Am                       F
 I should've killed Reality when she dragged us out of bed
Am                                           F
 Put the gun right to her heart, I should've shot her, shot her dead
Am                                  F
 There's too many roads to take all heading the wrong way
Am                            F
 Take a little time now love, maybe some other day
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