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			I Hate You :  The Stranglers
Tabbed by:  Michael C

Tuning: Standard

After taking so much from this site, I am trying to put something back.

This is a wicked track off the Suite XVI album. It is a Johnny Cash pastiche.  I 
play it by muting the strings somewhat.  This is my virgin post so please feel 
free to comment.  Enjoy!


Am    Am

Verse 1

I hate you now I always will

		                  F			                  Am
And when youre dead Ill hate you still

	              F		               Am	
Ill have my way Ill make you pay

	       F				                             G
And I dont care if you suffer cause I know that it

will surely make my day

Verse 2

You betrayed my trust you ate my food

		                 F		              Am
You soiled my house, with your falsehood

	              F			              Am	
Signs of remorse I aint seen one

And no punishment you suffer

	           G		                	Am
Will satisfy me  - until I am done


F		       Am          F
Oooh how enjoyable to see you squirm and wriggle now

        G			                   E
that things aint going your way

F		  	             Am		       F
Oooh how simply wonderful to see you suffer badly 

	     G		             E		                      	Am
Now I think this dog will surely have his day

Ill have my day

[Harmonica solo]

Verse 3:

If youre infirm or merely ill

		                F	         	     Am
Ill be right there in for the kill

	              F			                Am
Delicious treats which Ill enjoy

and I wont be just the only one to 

 G				                         	Am
savour your discomfort  Oh what Joy

Chorus: as above


I hate you now I always will

And when youre dead Ill hate you still

Ill hate you for forever

Even longer than that

Ill hate you longer than radioactivity
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