• Song:

    Bored In Belgium

  • Artist:

    The Victorian English Gentlemens Club

  • Album:

    Bored In Belgium

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Cool song from their Love On An Oil Rig album, kinda fun to play, especially as 
the 'lalalalalalaa' bit gets so incredibly stuck in your head as you play it...


Main riff:
G#-G#-A#-B E-E-F#-G

Other riff:
B-A-G#-E-E-E-E (lots of Es for 'banging and banging' bits)

Other riff 2:

I missed the sun when it didn't come
Took a job and I stayed on
Got so bored in Belgium
Crawling up the walls
In Belgium
You know I'm so bored in Belgique
So bored in Belgique
I needed some release
My head was
Banging and banging and banging and banging on
I couldn't shake the feeling in these flat lands
So I took the train to the Netherlands
When all the other countries were having fun
I got so bored in Belgium

Enjoy, hopefully :)
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