• Song:


  • Artist:

    The View

  • Album:

    Bread and Circuses

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Since I don't know the lyrics for sure, I'll just leave most of it out for now 
Here are the chords. Great song

Capo on 3rd

Intro: D - Bm x2

Verse 1: D - Bm - D - Bm - D- Bm - D - Bm - G - A

Ref: D -Bm -G - A -D - Bm

Verse 2:D -Bm -D - Bm -G - A

Ref: D -Bm -G -A x2

Midle part : (cover up your eyes etc)
                    Bm -  G -A -D  - A -Bm - G -A

 D                                                                              D 
  I love it when you come, I love it when you go. you know I love it when you come I love it 
when you go
 G                                           A
 so cover up these eyes, cover up these ears... 

 D -Bm - G -A x?    (over and over, for the rest of it...)

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