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D                 G
A sound is rising up
A              D
All across the earth
D                      G
We're gathered in Your name
      A                D
We're here to worship You

D                 G      A
Every knee will bow, wooow
D                 D   A   G 
Every tongue confess, wooow
G                 Em      A
Every heart will know, wooow
That You are God

        G     A
You are Holy Lord
            D        A          G
You are the way, the truth, the life
D       G    A     D
You are Holy Lord, always
        G    A  
You are Holy Lord
         D            G  
And your love endures forever
And always

G / D / G / A

D                       G
Our heart are joined as one
A                    D
Our voices sing your praise
D           G
In unity we come
   A               D
We live to worship You 

Em        A
Let every tribe 
And ever tongue
           A             Em 
And every nation worship You
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