• Song:

    Wheres The Girl

  • Artist:

    The Walker Brothers

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Where's The Girl
B (with Badd9)
  Where's the girl, 
							    A(with Aadd9)
The canary stopped singing the moment she walked out the door
            B(with (x2444x@1)Badd9)
Where's the girl,
 					      A(with Aadd9)
The flowers are dying 'cos nobody cares any more
C#m (x13321@4)			 D#m (xx4342@1)            C#mThe (x13321@4)canary and the poor lonely flowers miss her so very much
F#m (244222@1)			   Em (022000@1)              F#m(?) (244222@1)You can tell this apartment and I are in need of a woman's touch

On the floor,
There is one nylon stocking and I'm a leaving it there where it lies
Oh who'd have thought,
That one nylon stocking could ever bring tears to these eyes
Where's the girl who used to fix me my coffee and butter up my toast
Lord how I miss the coffee taste of her kiss but lord what I miss the 
            B(with (x2444x@1)Badd9) A(with Aadd9)
most is the girl .

Here's a dresser drawer that's filled with old hairpins, lipstick and Lord knows what
And here's a photograph taken last summer and a bottle of perfume bought
                B(with (x2444x@1)Badd9)
But where's the girl . Where's the girl . Where's the girl  Oh I need the girl 

by: Jos? Duarte

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