• Song:

    I Wont Come Around

  • Artist:

    The Wanderer

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The Wanderer is a rock band from Tampa Florida. They are giving their EP away for 
free at www.TheWandererFl.com so, listen to it for the strum patterns.

Intro + Verse: Am C Em G (picked)

I lit a match to watch all burn down
Smoke debris and rubble all around
I saw the fire and I saw that it burned quick
It didn't matter much to me, not one bit


Bridge: Am C Em G (strummed)

What have you got to lose?
Am                        G
You should have seen this coming
This isn't at all good news
Am                       G
Brace yourself for this honey
The fire that you say
Burned our love to the ground
Didn't so you say
That I won't come around


Verse (Same as first)
When I think back to what I've done to this place
I have sinned and you know it, you see it on my face
I know I was wrong but I did what I had to do
I couldn't take much more of this burden from you


You get the idea.
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