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This might no be very accurate cause it's my first one but hopefully you'll find it ok :)
Standard tuning, capo on 3 :)

Intro: C, G, F, C

GYou (320003@1)know I never want to hurt you
                         FI (133211@1)don't know why I'd ever want to
      COh (x32010@1)oh oh

G (320003@1)There's no comfort in another face
                        FSo (133211@1)are you gonna let it go to waste
      COh (x32010@1)oh oh

I keep on tryin'
But how can I buy in
          GWhen (320003@1)they don't compare to you
   FNo (133211@1)oh
                  FI'm (133211@1)running out of patience
          CTired (x32010@1)of imitations
               GLooking (320003@1)for someone to 
             AmReplace (x02210@1)your heart
            FEveryone (133211@1)I talk to
               CIs (x32010@1)just another not you

Makes me wonder 
G (320003@1)             AmHow (x02210@1)we're so far apart
             FI'm (133211@1)tired of imitations
               CRunning (x32010@1)out of patience
         GTryin' (320003@1)to replace 
Em (022000@1)              C (x32010@1)Replace your heart
                    GMust (320003@1)be crazy if I let you go
                      FYou (133211@1)were everything I need to know

Come back home
CFeel (x32010@1)like I'm dying

Cause I keep on finding
GEvery (320003@1)junction leads to here
        FAnd (133211@1)I'm lost

Chorus as above :)

CEverywhere (x32010@1)I turn 
Is the wrong direction 
GEveryone (320003@1)I see is the wrong reflection
FReminding (133211@1)me that I just
          Em (022000@1)Can't replace your heart

F, C, G

Chorus as above :)

CI've (x32010@1)been through the crowds
           GCall (320003@1)your name out loud 
              FBut (133211@1)there's still no way to 
GReplace (320003@1)you
            CI've (x32010@1)looked everywhere
G (320003@1)         FEverywhere (133211@1)everywhere 
G (320003@1)        CTo (x32010@1)replace your heart
G (320003@1)        F (133211@1)        
To replace your heart

G, C

Enjoy ^_^
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