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The Wave Pcitures - Blue Harbour

G (320003@1)Verse

G (3rd) 
I swam out to greet you
         C(8th) (x32010@1)    G(3rd) (320003@1) 
Left my wallet and my socks
     C(8th) (x32010@1)      Em(7th) (022000@1)  C(8th) (x32010@1)
And my shoes in the sand
    G(3rd) (320003@1)
And I swam

I failed to meet you anywhere on dry land
I was busy with the band 
And I failed


D (xx0232@1)          CBut (x32010@1)you somehow knew
                 D (xx0232@1)                 GLots (320003@1)a wastetime waiting for the others
D (xx0232@1)               EmWe (022000@1)pissed in the sea
D (xx0232@1)               CAnd (x32010@1)pretended to drown one another
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