Interstate 5


From the LP "Take Fountain"

The song is simple & ludic to play. Only one guitar is playing here. 

The LP is very nice as well.

Intro : 

D + Bb

Verse 1 : 

D							Bb
I should just get out of here and start driving south on Interstate 5

D						Bb
But I need to stay near, in case you suddenly remember that I'm alive

		D    C	Bb
But I have this na---gging fear that sex was all you needed

	       D     C   Bb
I've tried to per---se---vere; I guess I've not succeeded

+ solo

Verse 2 : 

D								Bb
And is it sexist to say that I thought just boys were meant to behave in this way?

		D	        		  		 Bb
And though you seemed quite sincere, will you even recognise my face this time next year?

		   D	C   Bb
Well I'll remember how your eyes sparkled in the moonlight

		D	C   Bb
You can surely sym-----pa---thise; I just wanted more than one night

Chorus : 

	       D  	 C  	 Bb
And yes there was one particular glance that made me afraid

D  	 C  	 A

	       D  	 C  	 Bb
That you were just seeing me as a chance of getting laid

D  	 C  	 A

+ solo
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