Basically, you can play the whole song just with those three chords but you can play it 
like I do, too. (:

Intro and the whole song: Dm, C, G7, Dm, C, G

I got a confession to make
I don't rush a date
Commitment is an enemy to me
But ever since her lips touch my face
It's like a kiss was laced
I'm fiend, I'm fiend, I'm fiend
I usually like to slow down the pace
Love to tease and play
But girl I need to be direct with you
Cause in my mind your voice just replays
Like a broken tape
What you do, what you do, what you do

[Hook]                   Dm
Gone make a nigga buy a ring for your finger
Jimmys for your feet
Jeans for that back
Lingerie for the sheets
 Dm            F
Material girl anything you need
And I'mma give it to you
I'mma give all, all, all, all, all, all, all [x2]

Super star undercover
You're my number one fan
Give it to me right
Watch the diamond glow your hand
         Dm                    F
Get you wetter than a beaver, right after the dessert
Baby you're my Dairy Queen
Watch you make my baby cream
 Dm               F                         C
Lady, you're the one that I want to spend my cash on
Spend my cash on my baby like
 Dm             F                                 C         G
Baby just make sure that you'll always put your man on


Tripping over you like a crack on the floor
Can't settle with a taste
Baby girl give me more
Baby take the keys to my ride, to my home
Girl I'mma make it rain like a tropical storm

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