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This lovely little song was featured on the Everwood TV series.  It sounds great and is
easy to play.  In fact, the hardest part is singing Steve Tannen's harmony vocal.  Just
to the recording to get the strumming pattern. Sing it with a friend and have fun!

Capo at the 4th fret.

G - 230003
D - X00232
C - X32010
G/f# -20000X
Em - 022000
A - X02220
Bm - 224432
C/B - X32000

(repeat twice)

e –3—2—0—0—0
B –0—3—0—2—0
G –0—2—0—0—0
D –0—0—2—2—2
A –2—0—3—3—3
E –3—X—X—X—X

G       D                            C
Grey, quiet and tired and mean
D                             G
Picking at a worried seam
D                          C
Try to you mad at me
Over the phone…

C                               D
No amount of coffee no amount of crying
G                    G/f#    Em
No amount of whisky no amount of wine
A                  C          Bm                      A
No no no no no          Nothing else will do
                   C      D               G
I gotta have you I gotta have you

Em                  C/B
The road gets cold
                 G                   G/f#
There’s no spring in the middle this year
Em       Bm                C                    D
I’m the new chicken clucking open hearts and ears
G              D                  C            D
Oh such a prima donna sorry for myself
      G                      D
But green it is also summer
         C                                D
And I won’t be warm til I’m lying in your arms

Additions and corrections welcome!

Make music, not war!

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