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GWell, (320003@1)I followed you home tonight
GIn (320003@1)shadows, hidin' in silence
Watching you walk inside
GRadiance (320003@1)swallowed in light
D/FBut (100232@1)I know, it ain't right
Cadd9 (x32030@1)	      GBut (320003@1)for now ... it's all I've got

GNo (320003@1)reason for alarm
GNot (320003@1)here to haunt or harm
There's no love left anymore
GBut (320003@1)how can I be sure
D/FWell, (100232@1)I know that you need more
Cadd9 (x32030@1)	     GBut (320003@1)for now ... it's all I'm not

Cadd9 (x32030@1)  GDamned (320003@1)if you do, damned if you don't
Cadd9 (x32030@1)                 GWell, (320003@1)I wish you would, but I think you won't

GThe (320003@1)comedown is no surprise
GDelivered (320003@1)in blood and brine
Make-believe wears a thin disguise
GThis (320003@1)love's just a lonesome lie
D/FWell, (100232@1)it's broken, bottled and blind
Cadd9 (x32030@1)                       GBut (320003@1)for now ... it's all I've got


(Play 4x's) [Cadd9] Come [G]Around

(Play 2x's)
[Cadd9]Damned if you do[G]damned if you don't   
[Cadd9]Well I wish you would[G]but I think you won't
(single strums) [Cadd9] Come [G] Around

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