• Song:

    La La La Lies

  • Artist:

    The Who

  • Album:

    BBC Sessions

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very easy song

| G  G    | G  G    |

| G  G
          G    G         C     C
If I'm so lost without a friend
         D     D          G     G
Tell me, who's this by my side?
     G    G              C    C
This girl with eyes like gems,
       D D             C G   C G
Cool reactions to your lies, lies
C              D

You can't repeat what you put 'round
All the things that made me cry
You kicked me when I was down
And they hurt me, all those lies, lies

| D D    | D D     | D D   | D D    |

D                                   G          G
I've got my girl and together we're strong, so strong
A                             D
To laugh at you and prove you wrong

I don't insist that you feel bad
I just want to see you smile
Don't ever think you made me mad
I didn't listen to your lies, lies

[modulate to A]

| A A    | A A    | A A    | E E    |

| A A    | A A    | D D    | E E    |

| D A    | D A    | D      | E      |

[Repeat first and third verses in A]
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