• Song:


  • Artist:

    The Wilderness Of Manitoba

  • Album:

    Island of Echoes

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Standard Tuning
Capo I

INTRO   E5 , D5 , C5

         E5              D5            C5 
As we're lining up for a golden night
         E5                        D5            C5  
I will follow you around until the stars hang by
      E5            D5                   C5
And I know we can't save the stuff alone
         E5                    D5                        C5
From the dark clouds moving on in that we're gazing upon

        E5                        D5            C5
And the dreams we have within the light of dawn
           E5                      D5            C5
Freeze our grasses green until the winter's gone
        E5          D5                      C5
And the smoke melts away the drown of fears
          E5                D5                           C5
While the sun is the golden hand holding everything dear

C5                                            E5    D5    C5
The snow enter pain when you've lost your will
C5                                           E5     D5    C5
We're never the same as we cross these hills
C5                                      E5
Over broken land when we drink our fill
                   D5                 C5      
For the secrets we keep into the deal

Instrumental:   E5 ,  D5 ,  C5  x2

         E5                         D5              C5 
Well our hearts will fall heavy the artery because
        E5                      D5                C5
And the time forgets us and the things we've done
       E5            D5                        C5 
As our days become a flash of a distance small
       E5                    D5                          C5
To the night as we carry the brave further into the dark

C5                                       E5    D5     C5
And all of the weight that holds us down
C5                                E5     D5       C5
Keeping the shackle to the ground
C5                               E5
If beauty is broken we are bound
                  D5                      C5
By the shadows of grief further into the deep

C5                                 E5      D5    C5
And all of the echoes from my past
C5                                E5       D5    C5
Are finding a way to make it last
C5                               E5
Just had enough to ease our past
                     D5                     C5
But on tonight as we sleep wander into the deep

Em - until the end
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