• Song:

    Sky Chaser High [Acoustic]

  • Artist:

    The Wildhearts

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By EDDIE OF Empathy

A                      E
When I am lonely, when I am blue,
A                       D
When I am crying tears over you
A                      E
I just get rolling, I just get by,
A                D  D   D  A
Sky Chaser High, hi-hi-hi-high

A                     E
Ten in the morning 'til late in the night
A                     D
Whatever time, feeling all right
A                      E
I don't get lonely, I don't even try
A                  D   D  D   A      
I just get high - Sky Chaser High
D                    A
I hope and I pray that maybe one day
D                 A
I'll see it as legally mine
D                            A
But try as we might,  we're too stoned to fight
E                D                G
Isn't it a wonder it's seen as a crime?

A                           E
So if you're thinking of someone to kill
A                             D
Just take the line, just take the pill
A                           E
You don't want no prison, you don't wanna die
Get Sky Chaser High, Sky chaser high
Sky Chaser High, WA WA WA WAAAAA

To really rock it up play 5ths to these!
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