• Song:

    Moving To New York

  • Artist:

    The Wombats

  • Album:

    A Guide To Love, Loss &...

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just occured to me that there isnt any chords up for this so i sorta found them myself
hope theyre fine


(Dm) I've just (Am)had the (G)craziest (Gm)week,

Like a (Dm) party(Am) bag of lies,(G) booze and then(Gm) deceit.

And I(Dm) don't know (Am)why I want to (G)voice this out (Gm)loud,

(Dm)It's theraputic (Am)somehow.   (G)


So I'm (Dm)moving to New (Am)York cos I've got(G) problems with my (Gm)sleep,

And we're (Dm)not the (Am)same and I will (G)wear that on my (Gm)sleeve.

So I'm (Dm)moving to New (Am)York cos I've got (G)issues with my(Gm) sleep,

Looks like (Dm)Christmas came(Am) early, (G)Christmas came (Gm)early for me.

(F) strum for a few seconds

CHORUS 2 (same as verse 1)

I put one foot forward and ended up thirty yards back.
And am I losing touch or am I just completely off the track?
And I don't know why I want to voice this out loud,
It's theraputic somehow.


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