• Song:

    Tokyo Vampires And Wolves

  • Artist:

    The Wombats

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Am Em Dm   Dm Em F.  x2

Verse 1

F.                    Am.        Em (022000@1)name="chord_xx0231@1">Dm
We're self-imploding 
  Dm (xx0231@1)                                                Em (022000@1)name="chord_133211@1">F
Under the weight of your advice
               Am (x02210@1)      Em (022000@1)name="chord_xx0231@1">Dm
I wear a suitcase
           Dm.             Em. FUnder (133211@1)each one of my eyes

Pre chorus

Am (x02210@1)name="chord_022000@1">Em Dm.                         Em.  FFinally! (133211@1)     I know now what it takes
            Am (x02210@1)name="chord_022000@1">Em Dm.                     GIt (320003@1)takes money,       And aeroplanes

           Dm.                 C.                      FIf (133211@1)you love me let me go back to that bar in Tokyo,
                  G.                    C.                       FWhere (133211@1)the demons of my past leave me in peace,
                       Dm.             C.                             FCos (133211@1)I'll be animated every night, the grass'll be greener on the other side,
              G.                   C.                                FAnd (133211@1)the vampires and wolves won't sink their teeth,
FI'm (133211@1)sick of dancing with the beast,

Verse 2 ( same chords as verse 1)

Astrophysics! You'll never be my closest friend,
I find no comfort,
In what my mind can't comprehend,

Pre-Chorus ( Same as before)


Dm.            F.                           DmNot (xx0231@1)matter how much it needs me,
                       F.                      GGo (320003@1)and follow someone else's lead,


Am. Em Dm.   Dm Em F
Am. Em Dm.   Dm.Em F

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