My Ancestral Home of New Jersey
Not sure what album this is off of, but it's one of my favorites of theirs.


Em                       G
When I die they're gonna bury me in Jersey,
Ye-hea well I just know it man.
I'll be-- cold-cocked bag of bones
weighed down with stones in the swamps of Jersey.
There ain't know way I'm moving back there now.

C      G                             
"Never trust a man who don't drink," my papa told me
C      G                       Em
he was talking about me at the time
G                                 Em                    G                  C
"The easy way out ain't no damn way out." pop would scold me,
        A      A     A    A       G        B7
he said "Hey - hey - hey -hey , Get back in the-"

The sun was shining the day I drove out of Jersey
And the girls all flashed me a smile
Sometimes I miss those days
That's right you heard me
Other times I could not give a damn
"Never trust a man who don't drink," papa told me
He said "Pick up the tab when you can.
Don't be saving for no rainy days."
my pop would scold me, he said,
"Get back in the -"

Em                G
Do the kids still sing and dance in?
A                  C
Are the kids still drinking and fucking?
Do the kids still smash shit up in?
Do the kids still sing and dance, drink and fuck
smash it up in the homeland?
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