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    Theory Of A Deadman

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I did this so i could play it on acoustic. This is the acoustic arrangment

Hurricane- Theory of a Deadman

               Gm                                 Bb
Verse 1: I should've known these walls would cave in
                             C                        Bb F
I should've never left my heart there on the line
'Cause when the shit hit the fan
             Bb               C               Bb  F 
All we ever had ended up lost in the fire
                Gm                  Bb
And now nothing's saved, nothing's caged
  C                       Bb   F
Was it all in vain?
               Gm                            Bb
'Cause I'm standing in the eye of the storm
                           C                    Bb    F
And everything I've known is blowing away

              Gm                         Bb
Chorus: I'm caught in a hurricane
     F                              C  
I'm leaving here dead or alive
        Gm                                        Bb
And I know that I'd be willing to feel the pain
        F                                C
If it got me to the other side
  Gm                       Bb
'Cause I know it hurts
F                C
           Gm       Bb
I can feel it hurts

Verse 2: 
Remember how we were, we really were
Before this disaster came and tore us apart
It was the two of us, was enough
The two of us, so in love
Till the wind blew high,
The wind of cry and lightning strikes
And now we're standing in the eyes of the storm
And everything is gone, nothing remains



Gm Bb F
               I never thought it would end
Gm Bb F
               You'll never understand
Gm Bb F                                          C
  How we learn in the end         Like This
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