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    Wondrous World Of Punt

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Wondrous World Of Punt \ Therion - Ranash

The caravan is close to enter
Inside the land of Punt
Rivers of gold and scented lakes
Beyond the desert dunes
Eye of the sun is hot and carving
Have we been led astray?
Punt is a world of unseen bliss
But can we trust the eyes?

Abm                       F#  
   A lost land. Precious dream
       E             B 
   Wondrous world of Punt
   Ruled by Bez
     F#        E               B 
   Listen when he's playing his harp

Abm F# E B }X3

Abm              F#    
   In the desert you'll maybe find
   E             B
   Your world of Punt
Abm       F#    E    B   
   Find a light in a dream

Abm             F#      E        B    
  Neter Ta, the Land of gods and beasts
Abm                   F#        E     B        
  World of Punt, your dream is lost today

Abm F# E B}X2

Abm     F#        E  B  
  Neter Ta, world of Punt
Abm              F#    E            B   
  You will be forever living on the fields

Eb Eb C# F# C# B B C# B C#

A#  (chords during the solo)

Eb     C# Eb     C# F#     E F#     Ab Eb  (i think those are the chords for the last
part but not sure how to devide it)

The vision was so near, it was so real
Fata Morgana played her game
A world of wonder, you saw...
(But) in the morning it vanished in the night

Eb   Ab   Eb   D }X 8

comments and corrections to Ran_Ashkenazy@yahoo.com
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