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    These Kids Wear Crowns

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First tab, so some chords might be wrong ><

Standard Tuning


EBroke. (022100@1)
Ain't got no money,
                   Adont (x02220@1)know where to go.
                          C#mJust (x13321@4)sittin' staring at the stereo.
                           AI (x02220@1)think we better turn it UP,turn it UP ,turn it UP

ELoud. (022100@1)                                        ACause (x02220@1)lately i've been feeling kind of low.
                             C#mLet's (x13321@4)blow the speakers on the radio;

Cause tonight we're gonna'
          Abreak (x02220@1)it DOWN,break it DOWN break it DOWN.
                            EWe (022100@1)gotta' get up off of the ground !


EWe're (022100@1)gonna give it a JUMPSTART

4,3,2,1 GO.!
        AWhat's (x02220@1)up, when we get it going
                      C#mNo (x13321@4)way we're gonna stop.
And all you need is a SPARK,SPARK
                         AIf (x02220@1)it's all that you got!

                            E-We're (022100@1)gonna give it a JUMPSTART

4,3,2,1 GO
      AWhat's (x02220@1)up ? We're gonna dance until our l-l-legs
        C#mGo (x13321@4)into shock !
                                                    ALike (x02220@1)an adrenaline SHOT, SHOT going straight to the HEART HEART.

                       EWE'RE (022100@1)GONNA GIVE IT A JUMP !
Whoa, Oh, Eh, Oh
              AWhoa, (x02220@1)Oh, Eh, Oh

Whoa, Oh, Eh, Oh 
              C#mWhoa, (x13321@4)Oh, Eh, Oh 
Whoa, Oh, Eh, Oh 
                AHEY (x02220@1)! Whoa, Oh, Oh

Whoa, Oh, Oh 
We're gonna give it a jump.!


EDreams. (022100@1)                            AWe (x02220@1)got enough that we can fill the tank
                         C#mAnd (x13321@4)even if we gotta' break the bank;
                    AYou (x02220@1)know we're gonna TURN IT UP,TURN IT UP, TURN IT UP
ETime. (022100@1)                             AAin't (x02220@1)got to worry bout' it anymore.
                            C#mAnd (x13321@4)if they try to stop us at the door,
                             AYou (x02220@1)know we're gonna;BREAK IT DOWN,BREAK IT DOWN,BREAK IT DOWN
                             EWe (022100@1)gotta' get up off of the ground !



E (022100@1)                                ACan (x02220@1)you feel the electricity in the air;
                                      C#mAnytime, (x13321@4)Anyplace, it will always be there.
When your heart stops baby,

Heart stops baby
BYEAH (x2444x@1)
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