• Song:

    I Hope That I

  • Artist:

    They Might Be Giants

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I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die by They Might Be Giants

[Convention: each chord is two beats/half a measure.  A dash indicates that
 the chord is held for another two beats; two chords with a slash between
 them are held for one beat/a quarter of a measure each.]

 D           -               A   -
Some days I feel like bein' wispy

     G                 -               D  -
and once in a while I feel like bein' dry

            F#                -              G          -
but we're doomed and we're drowned by this feeling we surround

      D               A            D  -
so I hope that I get old before I die

A - - -

        D         -                G               -
It's a long long rope they use to hang you soon I hope

       A               -                D       -
and I wonder why this hasn't happened, why why why

        D              -                  G            Gm
and I think about the dirt that I'll be wearing for a shirt

       D           A                D  -
and I hope that I get old before I die

Clear off the kitchen table darling
for on the kitchen table I must lie
I'm tired for my wife just served the banquet of my life
and I hope that I get old before I die


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