• Song:

    Brought Down

  • Artist:

    Thin Lizzy

  • Album:

    Millennium Edition

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From: Idar "Wild One" W. (PhilLynott @ ultimate-guitar.com)

Song:   Brought Down
Artist: Thin Lizzy
Album:  Shades of a Blue Orphanage (released: 3/1972)
Lyrics: Provided by www.sing365.com (with some corrections by myself)

Tuning: EADGBe (normal)

Hi again.

This is my second Thin Lizzy tab I am providing www.guitartabs.cc with (and hopefully it 
be more ;D).
Brought down is a beautiful song (one of my favourites) and I hope you'll enjoy it too.

Listen to the song to figure out the rythm at the intro (cause it's hard to explain for 
guy who
dont know notes and all that other crap).

                   |(This little riff is also A*)


After the second chorus, this riff is played 3 times, and then its solo time (I havent 
the solo yet,
but I may do it soon). The solo plays over the chords in one verse and one chorus, and 
Riff1 comes in again.
The solo-guitar continues to play the rest of the song, and fades out together with the 
of the band.

E                    A            Abm
  I was seldom sober in nineteen hundred and fifthy-four
C#m                         F#m         A*
  Hey baby, maybe 'cause my baby had a baby by me
  And I was still drinking dry gin
A                  Abm
  while you cried "No, no more"
  And you were lyin' and a-cryin',
           F#m           A*
  and your tears fell dying on the floor

         C#m     B    B5 A5
And I'm brought down,

and I don't think I can get up again
C#m      B    B5 A5
Brought down,

and my heart is hurt again
C#m      B    C#m      B         Abm    F#m
Brought down, brought down, I'm brought down

You were the fine lady in the early mornings
that always painted her toes
And lookin' towards the east
you'd say hello to the early dawn before they rose
And you were the love lady
that always hung up her finely pressed clothes
And sayin' so long to the western sundown,
you taught me how it grows

And I'm brought down,
and I don't think I can get up again
Brought down,
and you just hurt my heart again
Brought down
Brought down
I'm brought down

Riff 1 and solo.

Brought down
I'm brought down,
and I don't think I can get up again
I'm brought down,
I'm hurt, it's bad
[Brought down]
God, it's a shame there's no more Dr. Strangely Strange
[Brought down]
And I'm Brou.....[Brought down]......ught down
[Brought down]
And there must be more to life than this

------<=Crusing in the Lizzymobile=>------
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