• Song:


  • Artist:

    Thin Lizzy

  • Album:

    Peel Sessions

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From: peacock@che.und.ac.za (Mr Stephen Peacock - PG)
Subject: CRD :  Thin Lizzy - "Emerald"

The chord pattern is as follows (for the verse) :

	B Bb Ab    F# B      B Bb Ab    B F#
	B Bb Ab    F# B      B Bb Ab    B Eb .... (repeat as needed)

Lyrics :

B Bb Ab              F#       B
Down from the glen came the marching men
B Bb Ab                 B      F#
with their shields and their swords
B Bb Ab                 F#    B
to fight the fight they believed to be right
B Bb Ab            B        Eb Eb Eb (etc.)
to overthrow their overlords.

To the town where there was plenty
they brought plunder, swords and flame
when they left the town was empty
children would never play again.

(can't remember 3'rd verse)

The bridges in the song are based on simple scale patterns, and aren't too
hard to work out. The solo is also fairly easy-ish, but requires a lot of
work to tab and learn (so is not included here - I'm lazy)

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