• Song:

    We Will Be Strong

  • Artist:

    Thin Lizzy

  • Album:

    Rhino Hi-Five: Thin Liz...

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We will be strong
Thin Lizzy

oioi. couldn't find the chords for this song anywhere
so i figured em out and decided to post them. enjoy!

i think the second chord in the chorus is called E/D#
but i'm not sure. it looks like this:


         C#m         B          F#m         Abm
Pity the fool, it's hard but he broke a rule
               C#m       B             F#m                  Abm
And that isn't done, somehow, someday, Brother will use a gun
                 C#m   B               F#m   Abm
Just walking the town. Just painting it sad
                 C#m   B              F#m   Abm
It's bringing me down. It's driving me mad
Woman is away from me

           E    E/D#                  C#m               Abm
We will be strong I know we have the strength to carry on
C#m                    Abm     A                    B
I know my rights from wrong I know you've lost I've won
             E    E/D#            C#m          Abm
We will be stronger And getting stronger every day
C#m               Abm             A                  B
Believe me when I say it There is no other way to convey it

verse 2
No other way you clown
Your thoughtfulness has brought us down
And that isn't right
That we should walk alone on the streets at night
Just checking the time
Walking that very fine line
The humour is black
The plan is attack
Now woman is away from me
But we will be strong


solo - F#m Abm C#m B

verse 3
Down on your luck
The shock it has struck
The weak ones will die
The questions are why? why?
Does anybody hear?
Does anybody understand?
Let me make it clear
Now's the time to take a stand
Now woman is away from me
But we will make it strong


continue to play the chorus-chords and start jamming
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