• Song:

    Away In A Manger

  • Artist:

    Third Day

  • Album:

    Christmas Offerings

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G (320003@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C G (320003@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C G (320003@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D G (320003@1)G (320003@1)                  C (x32010@1)       GAway (320003@1)in a Manger No Crib for a Bed
D (xx0232@1)                   G (320003@1)          C (x32010@1)   DThe (xx0232@1)Little Lord Jesus Lay Down His Sweet Head
G (320003@1)                       C (x32010@1)           GThe (320003@1)Stars in the Sky Look Down Where He Lay
Am (x02210@1)            G (320003@1)     Am (x02210@1)        DThe (xx0232@1)Little Lord Jesus Asleep on the Hay

The Cattle are Lowing the Poor Baby Wakes
The Little Lord Jesus No Crying He Makes
I Love the Lord Jesus Look Down from the Sky
And Stay By My cradle till morning is nigh

(continue same chords during piano solo)

Be near me Lord Jesus, I Ask Thee to Stay
Close By Me Forever and Love Me I Pray
Bless All the Dear Children in Thy Tender Care
And Fit Us For Heaven to Live With The There

(continue same chords during piano solo)

Repeat Verse 3

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