• Song:

    Nothing At All

  • Artist:

    Third Day

  • Album:

    Third Day

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Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 17:18:56 EST
From: Caedmon333 
Subject: TAB: t/third_day/nothing_at_all.tab

Nothing At All
By: Third Day
Written By: Mac Powell and Mark Lee
From: Josiah.Wall@Believers.org
Copyright1995 Class reunion Music/Little man Big man music/gray Dot
songs, a division of gray Dot
 I play pretty much the whole song in power chords, which i will signify
as D5.
 Play this all through the verse, until-
 C5 (x355xx@1)                      G5 (355xxx@1)                D5 (xx023x@1)If you can't say nothin' good don't say nothin' at all. (Back to top)

 A5 (x022xx@1)                         G5 (355xxx@1)     D5 (xx023x@1)Cause I know that there are times in life.
  A5 (x022xx@1)                      G5 (355xxx@1)     D5 (xx023x@1)When we just can't keep it to ourselves.
  A5 (x022xx@1)                     G5 (355xxx@1)  D5 (xx023x@1)But to want is not to make it right.
  B5 (x244xx@1)                 A5 (x022xx@1)We've got to tame our tongue
  A5 (x022xx@1)If you can't say nothin' good don't say nothin' at all.
 That's it, except for the part we're he reads James 3:5-10, which goes
like this-E5-D5

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