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    Third Day

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                       this is my first tab I hope you like it
intro [piano starts intro]
verse 1               
        my life has lead me down the road thats so uncertian

        now i am left alone and I am broken                                  
        trying to find my way
        trying to find the faith thats gone
        G           C                                 G
        this time I know that you are holding all the answers
               G                          C
        im tired of losing hope and taking chances
          G         D                 D                            G
        on the roads that never seem to be the ones to bring me home
        G                    Em
        give me a revelation show me what to do
        D                       G             C   
        cause ive been trying to find my way I havent got a clue 
        D                                          Em
        tell me should I stay here or do I need to move
        give me a revelation 
        D                            C 
        ive got nothing with out you ive got nothing without you
verse2  G                   C            D                G
        my life has led me down this path thats everwinding 
             G            C                        D   G     D  
        through every twist and turn im always finding that I am lost again
          D          G                     
        tell me when this road will ever end
bridge   G      
        I dont know where I can turn
        tell me when will I learn 
        C                                  D
        wont you show me where I need to go
        let me follow your lead
         Em                                D                G C
        I know that its the only way that I can get back home
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