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    Third Day

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Third Day
Capo 3rd Fret
Intro: Am G Dsus2 Am

         Am              G
I Am A thief, I Am A murderer
        Dsus2          Am
Walking up this lonely hill
             Am              G
What have I done? I don't remember
        Dsus2           Am  
No one knows just how I feel
       E           G              Am
and I know that my time is coming soon.
             Am                G  
It's been so long. Oh, such a long time
           Dsus2                Am
Since I've lived with peace and rest
         Am             G
Now I am here, my destination
         Dsus2              Am
I guess things work for the best
      E            G              Am
and I know that my time is coming soon

            Am              G                     
Who is this man? This man beside me
     Dsus2                Am
They call the King of the Jews
           Am                      G
They don't believe that He's the Messiah
     Dsus2               Am
But, somehow I know it's true.
And they laugh at Him in mockery,
F#-G(walk up)         Am
and beat Him till he bleeds
They nail Him to the rugged cross,
          G         D                    Am  
and raise Him, they raise Him up next to me

            Am                G
My time has come, I'm slowly fading
   Dsus2             Am
I deserve what I receive
           Am              G
Jesus when You are in Your kingdom
          Dsus2           Am
Could You please remember me
and He looks at me still holding on
  F# - G                    Am      
and the tears fall from His eyes
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