• Song:

    When The Rain Comes

  • Artist:

    Third Day

  • Album:

    Come Together

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Artist: Third Day
Song: When the rain comes
Author of tab: Adam Letke

The following is the intro picking part and what is picked latter in the song
The cords follow
This song is really easy to play but sounds very good.

Chords      EADGBE (relative to capo)
  Fmaj7sus: 005430
        Am: 002210
       Am7: 002010
        D2: 000230
        C2: 032010
         D: 000232
      Dsus4: 000233
This song is capoed on the first fret; all notes are relative to the capo
G]-----4----4--------4----4------ -4---4-------4---4--------0--------0---------0------0-----0-------]
D]--5--------------4-------------2-----------0------------2--------0---------2------0---------------]    X 4

Am Am7 Am Am7 fmaj7Sus D2 C2 C D (Dsus4 D G) X 3 or 4

never abandon is such a great band so is third day though
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