• Song:

    Your Love Oh Lord

  • Artist:

    Third Day

  • Album:


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This is really easy. It's a much higher version of the song -- for any female 
vocals/altos and whatnot. I just figured it out while playing the original (cause 
it's too low for me) so please correct me if you can. 

D            G                    D       A
Your love oh lord, reaches to the heavens
D           G                     D    A
Your faithfulness stretches to the sky
Bm            G                     Bm        A
Your righteousness is like a mighty mountain, yeah
Bm          G                    Bm       A
Your justice flows like the oceans' tides

A           Bm          G               D
I will lift my voice to worship You, my King
D           Bm                 G              D
I will find my strength in the shadow of Your wings. 

So yeah...feel free to correct me, it's my first tab, and first time transposing 
something or playing anything by ear. Thanks!
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