• Song:

    Your Love Oh Lord

  • Artist:

    Third Day

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Third Day - "Your Love Oh Lord".
Tabbed by Josh Stanley  guitargod33@hotmail.com and Carey Warren cmwarren_jfro@hotmail.com
"Your Love Oh Lord" By Third Day
This is a pretty simple song...
from low E to high E:
G    320033
C    X32033
G/f# 200033
D    XX0232
Em7  022033

G                  C                  G       G/F#
Your Love, oh Lord,   Reaches to the heavens
Em7                 C                  G       G/F#
Your faithfulness     Stretches to the sky
G(D second time)   C                   G          G/f#
Your righteousness    is like the mighty mountains
Em7                C                   G         G/f#
Your justice flows    like the ocean's tide
                  D           C               G
And I will lift my voice to worship You, my King
                   D             C
And I will find my strenth in the shadows of Your 
  G   D

There you go, pretty easy :)
Email me with any comments. cmwarren_jfro@hotmail.com
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