• Song:

    Hows It Gonna Be

  • Artist:

    Third Eye Blind

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Hey guys itz Defunktthepistol tabbing the song how's it gonna be

Capo on the 2nd here thatfret

Chords You Will Need
           G      D      A      Em
         |-3-|  |-2-|  |-0-|  |-0-|
         |-3-|  |-3-|  |-2-|  |-0-|
         |-0-|  |-2-|  |-2-|  |-0-|
         |-0-|  |-0-|  |-2-|  |-2-|
         |-2-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  |-2-|
         |-3-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  |-0-|

Strumming Pattern: DDDUDDUDDDD....DDD

Heres that little riff in the song


D                                  A A
I'm only pretty sure, that i cant take
  G G    G G G D
Anymore,   before u take a swing, i wonder
AA    G G               G G G D
what are we fighting for? When i say it
             A A      G G                 G G G
out loud, i want to get out of this, i wonder,
D                                 A A G G G G G
is there anything im gonna miss?, i wonder,
Em                           A
How's it gonna be, when you dont know me, i
Em                                    G
wonder hows it gonna be, when ur sure im not there?
Em                                 A
hows it gonna be, when there's no one there to talk to
Em                                     G
between u and me, (and) i don't care, hows it gonna

then it just all of that fpr the whole song..... i dont think i have the notes exactly 
where they should be, but, its pretty close!
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