• Song:

    Steamy Windows

  • Artist:

    Tina Turner

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Tom: E

           E                                    G         A        E
1. I was thinking 'bout parking the other night,  we was out on a back road.
                                                G         A    E
    Me and my baby was just gettin' right, all systems on overload.
                                       G               A     E
    Radio blastin' in the front seat, turning out the music fine.
                                          G             A         - E
    We was snuggled up in the back seat, making up for lost time.
        E          G     A     E
Steamy windows, zero  visibility.
        E        G               A    E
Steamy windows, coming from the body heat.
            E                                  G       A      E
2. You can wine and dine with a man all night,   with good intent,
    but there's something about a confrontation on a back road,
G           A          E
    breaks down the defense.   + REFRAIN    + REFRAIN 
              E                                    G        A        E
3. There's a sound outside the front door, and I know it's just the wind,
   but it makes him snuggle up just a little bit closer,
         G            A          E   ~
    it starts things happening again.
            E        G       A        E
    Steamy windows, ain't nobody can see,
            E        G               A    E
    steamy windows, coming from the body heat.  + REFRAIN 
            E       - G          E        - G
    Steamy windows,      steamy windows ....
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