• Song:

    Quercus Alba

  • Artist:

    To Speak Of Wolves

  • Album:

    Myself < Letting Go

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Dm                       Ab          Cm/G 
Surrounded by seclusion, solitude it stands alone

Dm                                    Ab         Cm/G
Its strength is overwhelming, And its roots have fully grown

Dm                                   Ab          Cm/G 
Beneath the surface a tunnel and its begging me to dig

Dm                                 Ab         Cm/G
To find a point of resolution or a hallway to escape

F#         Ab/E
Hallway to escape

(Repeat Progression)
My breath is taken by the thought of letting go
My heart is racing as the pace begins to grow
I have a vision of a sparrow in a tree
Its begging me to dig

Dm                              Bb
The earth is hard and there are stones beneath my feet

F                     Am/E
I dig for hours as my hands begin to bleed

Dm                   Bb
My only partner is a light that starts to fade

F              Am/E
Stay until I'm saved

I'm saved
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