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    Toad the Wet Sprocket

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From: youtwo@nevada.edu (marc virata)
Subject: CRD: "Begin" -- Toad the Wet Sprocket

(This doesn't *seem* to be difficult, but I'm posting this in hopes
 of others [David S., Ryan H.] finding any needed changes, capoing it
 where need be or adding some tab to it.  Any help appreciated {I like
 this song}.)

"Begin" Toad the Wet Sprocket (from the album "Dulcinea")

Intro: Am Dm E

Am                     Dm
Are you given vision?  Are you second sight?
E                       Am    (bass A, B, C, D)
Are you older than your life?
Eighty days of sorrow
Endless more in sight
E                    Am
Still you child burn bright

        Dm     E       Am
And you see me crying again
        Dm       E           Am
And you hold out your little hand
        Dm      E      Am
Lead me shaking to his room
              Dm    E   Am
I thought I'd never see again

Close the door behind you
Turning out the light
Press a flashlight up against the wall
You say: "This is how we knew him, in a little egg"
"It opened up and this is daddy now."

Now you're stepping back towards me
Til the room is bathing in light
And the answer there before me
           Dm     E       A
There's no ending when we die

Dm E Am

Are you sleeping here beside me
Are you shining bright as the sky
Are you breathing now inside me
There's no ending when we die


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