• Song:

    Walk On The Ocean

  • Artist:

    Toad the Wet Sprocket

  • Album:

    Acoustic Dance Party - ...

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Toad The Wet Sprocket - Walk On The Ocean
(Capo 4th fret - all chords relative)

               G C G            A           Em C G
We spotted the ocean     at the head of the trail
    A            G C G            D      A Asus4 A
But where are we going,     we're so far away
         G C G            A           Em C G
Somebody told me     that this is the place
      A            G C G          D            A Asus4 A
where everything's better     and everything's safe

            Em   G               D    A
Walk on the Ocean    Step on the stone
              Em   G                D   A
Flesh becomes water    Wood becomes bone

               G C G       A             Em C G
A half an hour later    We packed up our things
   A              G C G          D            A Asus4 A
We said we'd send letters    And all of those little things
                      G C G             A               Em C G
And they knew we were lying    But they smiled just the same
    A            G C G         D         A Asus4 A
It seemed they'd already    Forgotten we came


(Play the chords of the chorus twice)

                G C G                  A             Em D/F# G
Now back at the homestead    Where the air makes you choke
      A            G C G           D          A Asus4 A
Where people don't know you    And trust is a joke
                G C G            A           Em D/F# G
Don't even have pictures    Just memories to hold
         A            G C G           D           A
It grows sweeter each season    As we slowly grow old

OPTIONAL CHORUS - repeat until fade
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