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E A G A x2 (strumming) listen to song for rythm
(In the verses chords are played once)

I'm almost outta school
Life couldn't be sweeter
I just got the chills, MOM TURN ON THE HEATER!

(Strum again)
E       A  G A
        MOM, could you turn on the heater?

(Chords played once)

E                                 A
After a High School degree, Is my education through?
G              A
Hell No, I got debt to accrue!

E <--(strum )
besides, think about it
I'm graduating in May
     G                  A
Do I wanna work or do I wanna delay?

(strum )
E A    G
A        E  A  G A

(play once)
My guidance counseler asked:
Have you thought of a career?
G                             A
No, I'll be in school for the next 10 years.

      E        A G A

(play these erm.... once :P)
G                          D
High school thoughts about college
I'm just avoiding a job, I don't need to know knowledge
G                          D
High school thoughts about college
Once I have a degree, employers have to acknowledge.

(Strum , strum , strum )

E   A
G                  A
Thats what I hear!

(guess what!, chords are played...once)
E                        A
My Counselor asks, "What school are you leaning to."
G                       A
Haven't thought about it, but I've been meaning to.

Ok now ill give you the lyrics and well its a pretty easy song as you can 
tell so its pretty easy to figure out what goes where

I know this is right :) the way toby plays

Extra Lyrics

f it's next to the beach and the classes are cheap
and I'm able to pass while I'm half asleep
then I'm in.
Any suggestions? 

Community College? That's no fun.
unless the girl to guy ratio is 3:1
Then submit my transcripts!
Then submit my transcripts!
Florida state, all my friends go there.
do they offer my major?
Yea, like I care.
the major doesnt matter, a degree is a degree.
The only one I wanna see is E to the Z babay!
get it? EZ?
I can do math and have homework everyday of the week,
or do English, a language I already speak.
So, English! its a no-brainer 
I want no homework, labs, or anything of the kind,
I want an open-book test, I can take online.
If the majors hard, I'll change it
That's called independence.
And if I sleep in, could you sign the attendance?
High school thoughts about college
I'm just avoiding a job, I don't need to know knowledge!
High school thoughts about college
Once I have a degree, I'll know more words that rhyme with college.
'Cause... I got two: Knowledge and acknowledge.
And that's kinda the same word.
So.. English. Definitely English.
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