• Song:

    Sailor Man

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Hi Freaks (disc 1)

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Sailor Man 

Besondere Akkorde: Fmaj7 [x-3-3-2-1-0]
		      G6 [x-5-5-4-3-0]

Intro:   	Am  Fmaj7  G6  (2x)

Strophe 1: 	Am                    Fmaj7      G6
		Oh so handsome, oh so strong 
		Tell me stories of distant shores 
		    Fmaj7        G6
		All night long 
		  Am                                    Fmaj7   G6
		I shiver all over when I see your lovely tan 
		And I can see by your clear blue eyes 
			 Fmaj7      G6
		You're a sailor man 

Refrain:	Fmaj7        G6             Am       G(nur ganz kurz)
		      Sailor man from polar land 
		Fmaj7        G6               C    G   Am  Em    
		      Sailor man come take my haaa-aaa-aaa-aaand 
		Fmaj7        G6            Am        G(s.o.)
		      Sailor man take me along 
		Fmaj7               G6              Am
		Show me the Port-au-Prince and Hong Kong 

Interlude:	Am  Fmaj7  G6  (2x)

Strophe 2:	(Akkorde wie in Strophe 1)
		Sailor man I hope you won't drown 
		I'd rather have you showing me Cape Town 
		You know your ways in New York, New York 
		Where we can go to bars 
		A strong blonde handsome sailor 
		Norwegians call you Lars 

Refrain:	Sailor man from polar land 
		Sailor man come take my hand 
		Sailor man I'd gladly die 
		To see the ports of Rostock and Shanghai 

		Fmaj7	       G6	   Am
			Sailor man, Sailor man (4x)
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