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          D           F#                   Bm     D
  Some - day you will grow up and learn to lie
 G                D                 A
  Just like your daddy did when he told you no one ever really dies
 D                     F#                      Bm     G
  I hope that I'm not there when you re - a - lize
 D                       A                          G               D
  That those with their nose in the air will never look you in the eye


               Bm        D
  And you will go toe to toe
       G              D
  Like David and Go - li - ath
F#                  Bm
  They will be Go - li - ath
  G                     D
  And will who throw the stone?
           Bm               D
  I don't know yes I don't know
           G                     D
  Said the man with all of the answers
F#                      Bm
  If he don't have the answers
  G               D
  How will I ever know?


     Bm         A
  I knew an old man
        G                 D
  With nothing to do but wait
          D               A
  He in - vi - ted him - self
      G                   D
  And he still showed up late
Bm                     A                          G            D
  When it came to the end of the night he would always over - stay
A                    G              Bm
  But I never had a reason to com - plain
A                   G                      D
  Until the day he stopped coming by and I missed his company


BRIDGE 1: Bm F# Bm F#


      G        D
  And I don't care
           A            Bm                   G
  What you do with the little time everyone gets
              D          A                             Bm
  As long as you do the math, choose a path that will never hurt anyone else
  G                 D        A                  Bm
  Although they'll hurt you make them sure they burned you
  G         D     F#
  They will not forget

BRIDGE 2: Bm  D  G  D  F#  Bm  G  D


  D               F#                  Bm   A  G
  Someday I will find you and stop on by
         G        D                    A
  And you?ll say how've you been, and I?ll say I?ve been fine
  D        F#                    Bm     A   G
  We will both know that it's a lie
  D                 A                    G                    D
  Turns out what I figured out is I was wrong and you were right

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