• Song:

    Last Dance With Mary Jane

  • Artist:

    Tom Petty

  • Album:

    Particular Ones

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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Last Dance With Mary Jane
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Tabbed by: Corey G.

This song is actually written in Standard Tuning, however, prior to releasing it 
on the album, they sped the tape up. This caused the album verison of the song to sound
higher than it was recorded to fix any mistakes made during the recording session.
To fix this mistakes just simply tune your guitar up 1/4 step or slightly higher:
Sharpen each standard tuned string to about +40 or even +60 to be more precise. And boom
you're now tuned up with Tom Petty. If you want the exact sound, BUT A VOX!

Guitar 1: Rythm (Tom Petty)
Guitar 2: Lead (Mike Campbell)

Intro:     Am     G     D     Am         

---2-2-2-----------------------2---------------|   (x5)

Verse:     Am     G     D     Am

The verse is the same as the Intro  (x8)

Chorus:     Em     A     (x2)

Fill 1 (Mike Campbell)


Fill 2 (Mike Campbell)


Intro:     (x2)

Verse:    (x4)

Chorus   (x2)

Solo 1:     (Tom Petty) Mike Campbell begged Tom Petty to play it so its choppy and sounds raw. There are a lot of
weird things that he throws into the basic solo I tabbed out so just have fun with the Am Pentatonic scale. 

Am     G     D     Am is played below the solo by Mike Campbell.



Verse:     (x4)

Chorus:   (x2)

Intro:       (x2)

Solo         (Run through it once, then repeat the first part of the solo and fade away)
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