• Song:

    Diamonds On My Windshield

  • Artist:

    Tom Waits

  • Album:

    The Early Years, Volume...

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Diamonds on my windshield
                     Tom Waits

   Tabbed by: Flatwound

   This is the version thats from the album 'The Early Years'

   and sounds really nice on an acoustic bass.

   Nice and easy to play along with, 

   once you have the notes in your fingers, try singing along

   G |-----------0--2---------------|-----------0--2--------------|
   D |--0--2--3---------------------|--0--2--3--------------------|
   A |-----------------0--0--2--4---|-----------------0--0--2--4--|
   E |------------------------------|-----------------------------|

   Its the same the whole way through, and dampening the first open note

   you play on the A string helps it shuffle

   Different versions of this song are played in different keys 

            ***** IF YOU LIKE IT........ RATE IT *******
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