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    Mean To Me

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    Mean to Me

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Song       : Mean To Me (Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo)
Artist     : Tonic 
Album      : Sugar
By         : Jurgen Krombeen (valkenaer@hotmail.com)

Last update: January 17th, 2001

Capo I, everything relative to capo

Am x02210  Fmaj7 x33210
G  320033  F     133211
C  332010

           Am            G             C
There's an empty place inside that is hurting me
  Am                                    Fmaj7
A place that keeps my heart out on it's own
  Fmaj7                      Am                         G 
Disconnecting function of my wretchedness that keeps me so hard pressed

It's a place where words are spoken you will never hear

A broken bridge of lines of that just won't come

An empty lung that won't give the wind to speak to me

How far can I be from home

E |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
B |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
G |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
D |------------0-----------------------------------------------------------------
A |------0-2-3---------------------------------------------------------------------
E |--1-3--------------------------------------------------------------------------

     *       *       *       *       *       *       *       * 

C                   Am           F     
Why you gotta be so mean to me
C                                  Am
Why you gotta drag me down just to make me see
C                            Am                     F
You know I don't listen good and I'm always in need
C                      Am       G
So why you gotta be so mean to me
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