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Intro : Em, C, G, D (2x)

Em               C                G                  D
She was confused and abused in this life
   Em                    C
Emotional and violent moments
G                             D
Seemed to take the longest time
Em                  C                         G                     D
Every single knockout dragout fight they ever had.
Em                              C                       G                    D
He starts to laugh he starts to lie with suddenly psychotic eyes.

C                           D                       Em                  Bm
Every night she cried herself to sleep she didn't recognize
C                             D                        Em           D
Her own face in the mirror black & blue
C                 D                Em                  Bm
So afraid intimidation like a child she hides away
                 C                    D                            Em         C     G     D
He would always try to justify what wasn't true
                         Em   C   G   D
Justified black eye

Em            C                 G                   D
Taken for granted she sleeps by the phone
Em                  C                      G                            D
Waiting for a call from him it seems he's never coming home, 
Em          C               G                       D
14 beers later he is there without an answer
Em                      C                             G                        D
Once again she questions his lies he goes to bed with no reply

C                                D                    Em                  Bm
Tomorrow morning different story and he'll be a different guy,
        C                D                        Em             D
He'll justify her black eye with another lie. 
       C                                 D                          Em                 Bm
She packs her bags in great temptation he's on his knees again he cries
    C                                 D                            Em
A hug & a kiss and a don't know why as a tear drops from her swollen eye
Apologies until tonight and another
                         Em     C    G    D
Justified black eye
                         Em     C    G    D    Ends on 'Em'
Justified black eye
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