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My all-time favourite reggae song!!

(F. Hibbert)

The Maytals, 1968

The number one song of the fourth Jamaican Festival contest, 1969.
To be played moderatly fast with a reggae beat.

Capo on the first fret

Opening riff(solo guitar):

(Verse 1)
Etty in the room a cry
Mama say she must wipe her eye
Papa say she no fi foolish

Like she never been to school at all

           DIt (xx0232@1)is no wonder
                  GIt's (320003@1)a perfect pander
                   D (xx0232@1)            A (x02220@1)           DWhile (xx0232@1)they were dancing in that bar room last night.

(Verse 2)
Johnson in the room afret
Uncle say he must hold up him head
Aunty say she no fi foolish
Like a no time fi him wedding day

It is no wonder
It's a perfect pander
While they were dancing in that bar room last night.

(Verse 3)
One pound ten for the wedding cake
Plenty bottle of cola wine
All the people them dress up in a white
Fi go eat out Johnson wedding cake

It is no wonder
It's a perfect pander
While they were dancing in that bar room last night.

(Repeat all once more and then end with...)

            AThey (x02220@1)were sweet and dandy, sweet and dandy,
DSweet (xx0232@1)and dandy, sweet and dandy,
(..repeat until fade)
Transcribed by darrenblin@hotmail.com

Lyrics borrowed from the
Reggae Lyrics Archive @ http://hjem.get2net.dk/sbn/reggae.htm
(Now I know what he is saying!!)

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