• Song:

    Clouds In Our Eyes

  • Artist:

    Torben Franck

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Clouds In Our Eyes (Torben Franck)

Chords for verse - Am    F
Have you seen the old man
Have you seen him sitting at the bar.
He sips a whiskey, he drinks it like it`s liquid gold.
He can start a war, cuz he`s not yet found his peace.
He feels something, but drinking whiskeys how he grieves.
The cross of bravery, will be the cross he`s nailed to when he dies.

C (x32010@1) G (320003@1)   FCos (133211@1)he`s got clouds in his eyes.

Have you seen the old girl
Have you seen the way she sweeps and cleans?
She has to be but her mind and thoughts are far away.
She knows there`s war and she dreams that "feel find peace".
She knows something but she`s working to survive
And then she tells me, "I`m survivin` and I`ll live with pride"

Bridge C6    Ddim
Cos she`s got clouds in her eyes.

Have you looked around
Have you seen these people like you and me.
We know they`re out there but who knows how to be.
We fight the wars - we fight for what is peace
We`re building up and counting all the casualties
All we forbid, all we forbid is peace.

Cos we`ve got clouds in our eyes.

Outro  A (x02220@1) Am (x02210@1)G (320003@1) F (133211@1)Visit website www.torben.homestead.com
e-mail : torben_franck@hotmail.com

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