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From: JenniZzka@aol.com
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 18:06:48 EDT
Subject: a/amos_tori/spark.crd  

Artist: Tori Amos
Song:   Spark
Album: From The ChoirGirl Hotel

Spark by Tori Amos!!

-The verse chord progression is the same throughout the entire song. That
would be: Em, D, C9, A. This is only different on the "here.." part, indicated
below. It sounds great if you finger pick the verses and then strum the chords
for the refrain and the bridges.

Verse 1
Em (022000@1)    D (xx0232@1)     C9 (x3233x@1)name="chord_x02220@1">A
She's addicted...
Em D C9 A
Em D C9 A
Em C9 D (stop)

Verse 2(same as above chords)

C9You (x3233x@1)say you...
DG (xx0232@1)C9
C9 (x3233x@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D
G C9
C9 D(stop)

Break= Em, D, C9, D

Verse 3(same as first verse.)


Em (022000@1)     D (xx0232@1)    C9 (x3233x@1)name="chord_x02220@1">A
How many fates...
Em D C9 A
Em D D A
C9 (x3233x@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D

Break= Em,D,C9,D

Bridge(same as above rep.1.)

C9Say (x3233x@1)you don't...
D (xx0232@1)name="chord_x3233x@1">C9
D (xx0232@1)New Refrain
            G (320003@1)name="chord_x3233x@1">C9
But you don't...
C9 (x3233x@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D
G C9
C9 D(stop)

Verse 1 (end on this)

This is a really awesome song. I really love tori amos, but especially i
really like this song. I've tried playing these chords with the CD and they go
along really well. Also does anyone know how to play "Kind and Generous" by
Natalie Merchant? Someone please figure that one out, i can't!! Thanks~
Additions? Corrections? Comments? Send to JenniZzka@aol.com. Laters  -Jen

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